Template Version

A Template Version is a particular form of it in which some details are different from earlier or later Templates. Template Versions are created by making changes to the existing template. All the new Template Versions created for any Template can be viewed by clicking on the Template Version menu.

With the help of the Template Version, you can browse previous versions of a template. If you choose a version from the list, it will display the contents and settings that are stored in that version. You can also compare different versions of the Template.

Versioning provides a way for you to create a history of changes in a template. For each template,  a list of versions can be created by making changes to the existing template and publishing it. The Template Version page provides the list of Templates.  The list of Template Version of any Template can be viewed by selecting the particular Template in the Template Version menu which will display the name of each version, and it indicates when each version was last changed. . The list will also display the issues related to each version of the Template.

If we click a particular version, the template details related to the particular Template Version appear on the Template Version details page. You can also Export the version data by clicking on the Export icon present on the versions details page.

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